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Bandage shoes for diabetics


Dressing the comfortable solution for your diabetic foot. Many patients with diabetes develop complications on their feet. This is called diabetic foot and it can be experienced as very annoying. Wounds can occur in the foot that are more difficult to heal, the foot can swell and the feeling in the foot can decrease. In addition, the feet may become painful and cold. These symptoms can make wearing ordinary footwear uncomfortable. Our bandage shoes for diabetics are the comfortable solution to this problem.

Fashionable dressing shoes for diabetics

Comfort often does not go hand in hand with a fashionable look, but that is certainly the case with our dressing shoes for diabetics. Our diabetic shoes are available in various models, colours and fabrics. As a result, you will always find a shoe that meets your needs. In addition, our therapy shoes are of high quality, as each pair is handmade. Most models in our webshop are available in sizes 36 to 47.

Comfortable footwear for diabetics

To make patients’ lives bearable, our dressing shoes for sugar patients offer great comfort. The shoes are made of stretchy material, so the shoe adjusts to your fit and will not press or rub. The shock-absorbing material ensures that you can walk pain-free again. Because of the Velcro closure, the shoes are easy to put on and take off. We offer both closed and open bandage slippers, we have something for everyone! In addition, our diabetes shoes are washable, making them easy to keep clean.

We help you find the right shoe

To make it even easier for you, we are happy to help you choose the right therapy shoe. For this, you can contact us every day by phone or e-mail. We are also at your service in more than 150 sales outlets throughout the Netherlands.