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Bandage shoes, relief for swollen feet


Everyone suffers from swollen feet from time to time. With age, the fluid in the feet accumulates, due to poor circulation, use of certain medications, or a side effect of an illness or symptom. Even when it is very hot outside, your feet can swell. It is not easy to wear ordinary shoes then because they squeeze even more. To give your feet the necessary recovery time and to wear comfortable footwear or slippers, you can take a look at bandage shoes shop. We will offer you the shoe you are looking for that will give you the comfort you need to go through life without pain.

Give your swollen feet what they need.

Dressing shoes are the ideal solution for swollen feet in all seasons. In the bandage shoes webshop, you will find different models for both men and women. Ideal for swollen due to poor circulation, diabetics or allergy sufferers. Our special dressing slippers are handmade and specially shock-absorbent. The wide-opening Velcro straps make them adaptable to your foot. The slippers are washable at 30 degrees.

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Dressing shoes for swollen feet and other foot problems

Moisture in the feet does not make stepping out with ordinary shoes so easy. In the webshop, you will find all the easy, comfortable shoes for everyone that will make your swollen feet happy. The shoes and slippers are made by the best specialists and in consultation with doctors and orthopaedic specialists who know what a patient needs to walk pain-free again. The shoes are of exceptional quality and are fitted for everyone.