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Bandage shoes for surgery on toes


Looking for comfortable dressing shoes for now the surgery on your toes? You are looking for dressing shoes to allow your feet to recover in a comfortable shoe that does not pinch and is easy to wear. We offer you a bandage shoe that is medical and specially designed to leave your toes the necessary space during the recovery period.

Hallux valgus surgery toes?

Hallux Valgus surgery is one of the most common surgeries most common in women. Hallux Valgus is the crooked growth of the big toe which is due to shoes that are too tight or heels that are too high. This surgery restores the correct setting of the big toe. Since recovery takes about six weeks, it is important to find the right dressing shoes to guide you through the healing process and recovery. These dressing shoes provide support while walking. By the way, you should not wear any other shoes until your toes are in the right direction.

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Your comfort and safety come first

In the web shop of bandage you will find all the slippers and bandage shoes available to give your feet the time they need to recover. You will find several models of dressing shoes for surgery on the toes with Velcro fasteners that you can adjust to your foot yourself. This way, you ensure the proper adjustments of your dressing shoes for surgery on toes yourself. The dressing shoes are handmade, climate-friendly, easy to wash and breathable. The shoes are also shock absorbent so you will hardly suffer from unnecessary pain moments when stepping. You can order these bandage shoes per pair on the webshop. The bandage shoes and slippers have been selected by a team of experts and specialists in orthopaedics. Your feet and toes are important and your comfort and safety come first in healing and recovery.