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Washable bandage shoes


Bandage shoes are made of soft materials. The shoes reduce pain and relieve the foot from unnecessary pressure. Users of bandage shoes include people with complaints such as diabetes, deformities arthritis. Bandage shoes can also be worn as temporary shoes after surgery, for example. Dressing shoes relieve pressure spots on the foot and can be worn temporarily as well as permanently.

Washable with excellent fit

The fit of the shoes partially are ideal due to the Velcro closure and easy to loosen. There are different bandage shoes available so they may differ in shape or fabric. What is always the case, however, is that bandage shoes are made of soft material so they feel fine on the feet. These shoes In certain cases can also be worn permanently. It is therefore convenient to choose washable bandage shoes. Wash-out bandage shoes are made of excellent material that keeps the bandage shoes looking just as good after every wash.

Easy to clean and wash dressing shoes

Our wash-out dressing shoes are made for comfort and come in pairs. Also, the handmade dressing slippers are of excellent quality…. Our washable dressing slippers are great for any pair of feet looking for extra foot support and much-needed comfort. They can also be found in a variety of styles as well as multiple colours. So you can find the right shoes that are right for you.