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Shoes for seniors


As a senior looking for comfortable shoes? Dressing shoes has the solution! Do you suffer from painful feet? Whether it’s due to an operation or a wound that is struggling to heal, at we can certainly help you with comfortable (bandage) shoes! Even for hot days, we offer you the solution with our sandals for sensitive feet!

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Maybe you suffer from oedema or circulation disorders? Then this product can offer you the solution to less pain. The bandage shoes are there to give your feet the rest they need. Or maybe you are just temporarily suffering from very swollen feet and can no longer get into any pair of shoes. Not to worry, there is a solution for everything! Even for those who have undergone surgery or partial amputation of the foot, we are the lifesaver.

The plus points of bandage shoes for seniors

At, you can choose from a wide range of different models, sizes and colours. These range from bandage slippers for the home to sandals for sensitive feet during summer or shoes for daily use. All the bandage shoes you purchase here are also easily washable. You can order online. In addition, Verbandschoenen has more than 150 shops in the Netherlands where you can go!