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Bandage shoe for moisture in the feet


If you suffer from oedema(fluid) or plantar fasciitis(inflammation of the connective tissue under the sole of the foot) then you know how painful it is to walk around your house. Clearly, pain from this common foot condition can have a detrimental impact on your disposition in life. It can start to become a hindrance to enjoying your everyday activities. Things like going for a nice walk or going out for a walk with the dog can become an unpleasant experience. Not to mention if you still have to go out to work where you have to be on your feet all day. Then these conditions can become a tragedy. Wearing support bandages will then be inevitable. But how do you get into your shoe? That’s why there are special bandage shoes against moisture in feet, which are easier to get into than ordinary footwear. These bandage shoes are comfortable wearable shoes and allow people whose feet are in bandages or compression stockings to still get out easily.

Elderly people are always a bit more at risk

Elderly people who suffer from moisture in the feet or people who have standing work and may suffer from plantar fasciitis again are at risk of having to put on support bandages or compression socks. There are also a few other factors that can play a role and that is: being overweight, but women who are pregnant can also suffer from any of these conditions. Therefore, self-care for our legs, feet and finding a well-supporting and fitting bandage shoes is important. Having to wear support bandages and compression socks makes it impossible to still be able to wear your normal footwear, at there are a variety of different models that can make life a lot more bearable. These bandage shoes against moisture in feet give you a comfort that you no longer have with packed feet in your normal shoes. They provide you with good support and they are washable.

Elderly people and compression stockings

You see it very often in the elderly that the feet and lower legs are completely wrapped. This is to relieve certain symptoms, such as deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, swelling and skin ulcers. Wearing bandages or compression material provides support and helps suppress fluid. Such discomforts cause poor circulation in the legs. Elderly people can then no longer avoid wrapping their feet properly to improve circulation. This relieves pain, tingling, cramps, throbbing and numbness. Dressing shoes are therefore a pleasant addition to thick packed feet.